Quantum correlations: Where, how and why
University of Sevilla (Spain)
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In quantum theory, correlations between outcomes of co-measurable observables violate certain Bell and noncontextuality inequalities up to certain limits. Three natural questions arise: (i) Which inequalities are violated? (ii) Which violations are possible? (iii) Which principle prevents higher violations and singles out quantum correlations? We will answer these questions within the graph and multigraph-theoretic approaches to quantum correlations (Cabello et al and R. Rabelo et al., respectively) and discuss the implications of these answers for an axiomatic formulation of quantum theory from "reasonable" axioms.

A. Cabello, S. Severini, and A. Winter, arXiv:1010.2163
A. Cabello, S. Severini, and A. Winter, Phys. Rev. Lett. 040401, 112 (2014),
R. Rabelo et al., arXiv:1407.5340