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International Workshop: What is Quantum Information?


May 18–22, 2015 - Buenos Aires - Argentina


Videos of the talks


About the concept of information

Olimpia Lombardi and Sebastian Fortin


Analyzing Shannon information and quantum information

Armond Duwell



Some approaches to answering the question ‘What is quantum information?’; and why it might matter

Christopher Timpson

Quantum theory from quantum information? (What would Feynman say?)

Christopher Fuchs


Distinguishing influence from inference in quantum theory

Robert Spekkens


Quantum Particles and information

Dennis Dieks


Information and entanglement-assisted communication from a manipulability account of causation

Olimpia Lombardi And Cristian López


Quantum correlations: Where, how and why

Adan Cabello


On the relative character of quantum correlations

Angelo Plastino, Guido Bellomo And Angel R. Plastino


Classical models of quantum systems and quantum information

Federico Holik And Leonardo Vanni


Closing session

Bub, Cabello, Dieks, Duwell, Fuchs, Lombardi, Timpson


Quantum contextuality: Theory, experiments, applications and implications

Adan Cabello


Desiderata for an analysis of computation

Armond Duwell


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Grupo de Filosofía de la Ciencia, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires - Ciudad Universitaria, Pabellón II / Buenos Aires, Argentina