Workshop on Foundations of Science


Philosophy of Science Group




September 3–4, 2018 - Buenos Aires - Argentina





Keynote speakers: Roman Frigg (Director of the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science of the London School of Economics)
  Otavio Bueno (University of Miami, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Synthese)
Confirmed speakers: Cristian Soto (Universidad de Chile)
  Miguel Fuentes (Santa Fe Institute – Universidad de San Sebastián)
  Hernán Miguel (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Pablo Acuña (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso)
  Diego Maltrana (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso)
  Sebastian Fortin (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Jesús Alberto Arriaga (UNAM - Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Juan Camilo Martínez González (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Cristian López (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Mariana Córdoba (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Hernán Accorinti (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Manuel Herrera (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Bruno Borge (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Organizers: Olimpia Lombardi (CONICET, Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Sebastian Fortin (CONICET, Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  Gabriel Catren (Université Paris Diderot)
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September 3: Monday

September 4: Tuesday

10 hs


10:30 hs – 11 hs Hernán Accorinti &
Sebastian Fortin

"Once again, the old problem of

Juan Camilo Martínez González
& Mariana Córdoba

"Scientific practice and legal
advances with regard to gender
identity and sex change"

11 hs – 11:30 hs Coffee break Coffee break
11:30 hs – 12:30 hs Otavio Bueno

"Observation, empiricism,
and microscopy"

Roman Frigg

"Anatomy and identity: the
inner life of a theory"

12:30 hs – 14:30 hs Lunch Lunch
14:30 hs – 15 hs Pablo Acuña

"Chronogeometric Structure and
Dynamics in Spacetime Theories:
a Helmholtzian lesson"

Manuel Herrera

"A philosophical analysis of
conservation laws"

15 hs – 15:30 hs Cristian Soto

"The inferential conception of
physical laws"

Cristian López

"Is the symmetry-to-reality
inference justified? Time symmetry
as a study case"

15:30 hs – 16 hs Coffee break Coffee break
16 hs – 16:30 hs Diego Maltrana

"Interacctions and frames in
science: The hitchhiker's guide to
the Universe"

Bruno Borge

"Symmetries and conservation laws
in pure powers ontology"

16:30 hs – 17 hs Hernán Miguel &
Miguel Fuentes

"Can probability cause something?"

Jesús Alberto Jaimes Arriaga
& Sebastian Fortin

"A quantum chemical perspective
about the nature of wave function"


Venue: Sociedad Argentina de Análisis Filosofico SADAF at downtown.

Bulnes 642, Buenos Aires - Argentina - Tel.: (54-11) 4867-2556

GPS: 34°36'14.67"S 58°25'13.51"W


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This workshop is part of the pre-launch stage of the Laboratoire International Associé (LIA) Identities, Forces, Quanta (CAECE, SPHERE - Sciences, Philosophie, Histoire, UMR 7219, Université Paris Diderot).




Philosophy of Science Group, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires - Ciudad Universitaria, Pabellón II / Buenos Aires, Argentina